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The SAP ERP product often needs to work in-house or with other information systems outside the company. This is because specific business processes require specific software.

SAP ERP offers the possibility to integrate with external systems with the help of the interface technologies it contains. Our company has performed a great number of system integrations in this field and has a very special expertise.

With the rapid development of technology, the importance of reaching information safely and efficiently has increased even more.

In particular, the integration of internal and inter-organizational units has become an indispensable part of this information flow.

Integration is ensuring that systems that operate independently are combined and working together.

By providing real-time and transaction-based data transmission between applications, databases and critical systems, productivity is increased, cost is reduced and a productive infrastructure is emerging.


buy Lyrica from canada ALFA produces integration solutions in the following subjects;

  • Management of analysis, design and development process
  • Determination of the required integration technology according to the requirement
  • Integration of internal processes, applications and infrastructures
  • Integration with ALE, IDOC, Webservice technologies
  • Integrations with SCADA systems
  • SAP PI installation and integration projects
  • PI web services development
  • Collecting and assembling applications and information at different points
  • Development of software that may be needed in the system integration process
  • We offer .NET and Java programming and integration software preparation solutions

Vichuga What is System Integration?


System integration allows more than one system to work together as a single system. System integrators combine discrete systems using a variety of techniques such as computer networks, enterprise application integration, business process management or programming.

In order to increase the functionality of the systems, many subsystems need to be integrated with one another. System integration is the integration of many existing systems. In today’s world, the role of system integration engineers is becoming more important. Systems are now being designed to work in and integrate with other systems while being designed.