Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) can be defined as an information strategy. PLM stands for Product Lifecycle Management and is a solution that stores all the engineering, manufacturing and maintenance information of a product in a digital environment and provides it to the users. It builds a harmonious data structure by strengthening systems. You can also see PLM as an enterprise strategy: it allows global institutions to work as one team in designing, producing, supporting, and attracting products from one market while getting best practices and lessons. It is used in the management and control of all processes starting from the concept formation of products to completing their lifespan and recycling.

In addition to CAD integration applications in the automotive and tire sectors, we also offer CProjects project management solutions. We are continuing our demonstration and projecting activities to deliver PLM products to more SAP customers in Turkey. Within the scope of SAP PLM;

  • Customer specific PLM process consulting
  • CAD software integrations, technical drawing documents, material and product tree integrations.
  • Creation of shared systems that can integrate with suppliers and distributors, c-folders applications
  • We offer SAP PLM project management, c-projects applications, budget, cost and activity management solutions.
  • Design management and processing of documents
  • Create and audit product register records
  • Provide an electronic file base Including internal and custom parts, documentation on top data
  • Identification of materials in context for media compatibility
  • Do not allow task-focused task assignments
  • Allow workflow and process management for approval of changes
  • Multi-user secure access control including “electronic signature”
  • Data transfer for download ERP systems

Pudukkottai Pudukkottai Benefits of SAP PLM Software;

  • Faster access to market
  • Advanced cycle times
  • Fewer faults, less faulty production and rework
  • More productivity
  • Better design efficiency
  • Better product quality.
  • Detailed understanding of critical processes
  • Better reporting and analysis.
  • Advanced design review and approval processes
  • Improved communication, Reduced product costs and greater efficiency
  • Better use of resources
  • Better integration and communication with the extended supply chain




SAP Dunyāpur Dunyāpur PORTAL

With SAP Portal you can start a new beginning for your corporate identity work.

SAP Netweaver Portal 7.3 offers a flexible infrastructure for designers. With its expertise in web technologies ALFA introduces the flexibility of SAP NW Portal 7.3 version to existing portal customers.


Expert Alfa consultants will provide you with the solution you need to analyze SAP BUSINESS FLOW requirements, find the right workflow, and develop new workflows as needed.

Our sample workflow applications:

  • HR Tracking application
  • HR training planning
  • HR work application approval workflow
  • Purchase order confirmation workflow
  • Invoice approval workflow
  • Document approval workflow
  • Material demand and definition workflow
  • Draft workflows