Lauderhill BECAUSE US;


Our leading soul's power comes from innovative attitude and change without being clear. The achievements we have taken over from the past are the basis for our success and leadership, seeing our team's potential and supporting their value creation.


We believe that we will continue to be a company of information technologies that can create values for our customers by applying the principles and values of honesty in our behavioral solutions.


He is responsible for research and development of systems and methods that will enable ALFA solutions to be delivered at a better value. Moving in a quality business union is a never-ending process.


We provide solutions to your requests with the ALFA Support Center, which is constantly developed by ALFA personnel and enables you to find solutions to your problems or requests instantly.


We spend a lot of time with all the SAP software we use and our experienced teammates in our own solutions. We have a professional and dynamic team and we are constantly developing.


We aim to provide high quality performance in everything we do. We aim to constantly develop with creativity and innovation.


With our training programs, we see our employees as our greatest responsibility to continually improve the quality of our service by continuously improving the skills and competencies of our employees.


Regardless of whether the project is big or small, ALFA, which adopts 100% customer satisfaction principle, will offer timely and cost-effective solutions.


Thanks to our local and global knowledge and experience, we have the opportunity to share our best practices, new initiatives and creative applications quickly on the market of information technologies we operate.


ALFA has in-depth knowledge and years of experience in designing, transforming, implementing and supporting a complex information infrastructure covering all forms of architectural practice, such as Private / Public cloud computing.


ALFA solution partners are marketing their equivalent products in harmony with a common ecosystem and realizing projects to increase product use and productivity in the customer. Thanks to our expert solution partners, each in their own field
High performance, qualified service, flexible, fast and the necessary solution that is 100% responsive and customer satisfaction that emerges as a consequence of them, we will progress by increasing the market share of solution partners with these principles which will form the summary of the principles.


We are holistic and transparent in all our decisions and actions. By acting in the most appropriate way to our vision, we fulfill our commitment that adds value to you.


In order to meet and develop the sectoral needs, we provide continuous learning with entrepreneurial spirit thanks to our technological infrastructure and equipment in all solutions.


By offering different types of flexible contracts, we aim to create a long-term business partnership that adds value to your business. We believe that one of the most important elements of giving the true value of the amount you are paying is the investment we made in our relations with our customers.


Circasia Corporate Information Technologies Performance Management With 20 years of experience, we are on the way to provide integrated analysis services with our professional staff.