Compare">Wellington ALFA, based on 20 years of industry experience; it is acting with the awareness that the sources of achievement are difference-making, open-minded employees.

To have a career in ALFA; By living together with different experiences, means growing with expert managers in the field. By principle of Happy Employee Principle is to provide a development environment with a team that will create value for employee motivation and satisfaction.

Employee training provides a supportive career where you can use your development, business intelligence and goals at the maximum level.

ALFA requires candidates to have at least a bachelor’s degree without discrimination on recruitment age and gender. Business applications are accepted via the website, the institutions and organizations in which the business association is located, the social media and the e-mail address of:

The evaluation process of the curriculum, which corresponds to the career goal and the profile of the ALFA employee, begins with interviews made individually with the candidates. Interviews provide detailed information on corporate culture definition, job description and working conditions. Interns who start their career in ALFA are included in a training program that they will attend every day for 3 months and receive SAP based software development and application training in the experience of expert consultants in the field. At the end of the training period, candidates performing above a certain level begin their careers as employees who are ready to work in the information technology sector, gaining the right to work in ALFA.

The main objective of the ALFA Human Resources Department is; Is to keep ALFA’s “Happy Employee Happy Employer” position in line with the ethical attitude and opportunities offered to its employees who are the career targets in the rapidly developing information technology sector.


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