HANA & S4 HANA Consulting


Kyrgyzstan SAP HANA; is an in-memory workable data platform. It is tailored to run real-time analytics and to develop and run real-time applications. In the middle of this real-time data platform, SAP HANA database is completely different from all databases in the market.

Organizations that receive SAP HANA services from ALFA can track profitability in real time using revenue and cost data, and can perform instant simulations on a project basis. Thanks to these easy, fast reports and realistic forecasts, decisions are taken in a timely manner and the sector’s special opportunities are revealed through the most negligent mistakes.

buy Lyrica online usa ALFA, with its flexible and versatile SAP solutions that combine optimized SAP modules and is not affected by technological transitions in the data source, aims to make successful investments in the implementation of the successful applications and the investments made in technology by the experienced consultants and experienced teams.

With ALFA, SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance), it allows enterprises to analyze large volumes of data generated or collected during routine operations. Analyzes can be extended across the enterprise by integrating different data sources into the SAP HANA platform. SAP HANA platform is a flexible solution in this sense.




  • Real-time analysis of mass data with in-memory technology (In Memory Technology)
  • Faster decision making with quick reporting tools
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Easily access and manipulate the information
  • Comparison
  • Simulation
  • Faster update
  • Offers a flexible platform with the ability to constantly up-to-date applications

Villaguay WHAT IS S/4HANA ?

 It is the next generation enterprise resource planning product that simplifies and accelerates SAP’s business processes. Used with a brand new interface called HTML5-based Fiori, S  4HANA includes a data model that is reduced to a base. S /4HANA is the newest sign of SAP revolution, with a real-time next-generation structure where business processes are accelerated and data is collected under one roof.

With S/4HANA, response times will be shortened and business flexibility will be increased. SAP S/4HANA offers users the option of on-site, on-premise or hybrid applications, eliminating SAP S /4HANA data stacks and data repetitions so that all interrogations can be done quickly.

SAP S4HANA evolution



  • Data Warehouse
  • Business Intelligence Reporting and Analytics
  • Budget Planning
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Forecasting and Simulation Techniques
  • ERP and IS-U on HANA
  • HANA üzerinde ERP ve IS-U