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Greenacres City As an ALFA, we provide cost effective and effective solutions to our customers in order to enable companies using SAP to manage related documents with ERP processes. We are also responsible for the installation and projecting of Opentext solutions that can integrate with SAP for enterprise content management and archiving needs. Our services and products that you can benefit from in the field of DYS;

  • Management of ISO documents
  • PLM CAD integrations and management of CAD documents
  • Procurement documentation management and approval flows
  • Scanning incoming invoices and importing them into SAP (Opentext)

SAP document archive


SAP ECC is a mod that all SAP customers have free access to across application components. It is enough to contact us to manage all of your company’s document processes (purchasing, sales, R & D, ISO) with SAP DYS without the need for another product.

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  • Manages documents (proposals, contracts, evaluation, technical specifications, etc.) used in procurement management processes in an integrated manner with the SAP MM module
  • Management of ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, HACCP and all other quality documents integrated with SAP, Microsoft office and Acrobat
  • Executing document approval processes in SAP workflows
  • Sharing documents with relevant stakeholders when necessary
  • Institutional services for paperless office technology
  • We have solutions for web based document access and archiving.