With our e-billing and e-book products we have developed as ALFA, we provide the requirements that our SAP customers apply to GIB. ALFA e-billing and e-book solutions are at the top of our users’ expectation and product satisfaction level with robust architecture and superior software development quality.

buy Lyrica in uk ALFA e-Invoice Solutions:

  • Java based signing engine
  • Ability to work with SAP PI or without PI
  • Management of certification and e-invoice application services
  • Full integration of e-Invoice product with SAP SD MM FI modules
  • Processing incoming invoices to MM and FI modules via workflows


The UBL-TR standard is a messaging infrastructure that enables the electronic invoice records to be transmitted from the sender to the recipient in accordance with specified data transfer protocols. The UBL-TR standard has been obtained by privatizing documents under the UBL 2.0 standard for invoice registration according to the conditions of my country. Universal Business Language (UBL) is a standard electronic business document template in XML format, developed to meet the communication needs of the business world.


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WHAT YOU modafinil south africa for sale CAN DO WITH ALFA E-INVOICE


  • You can create a batch of e-invoices from invoices stored in the system.
  • The e-invoice drafts you create will be passed through the XSD schema control, so there is no missing information in the file. (XSD-XML Schema Definitions is an application that validates XML data.)
  • The created e-invoices are approved by the financial seal certificate and validated. These steps are logged in the system.
  • E-invoice drafts can be approved.
  • Approved e-billing recipients can be sent. Financial seal certificates and insufficient information checks are made during the submission phase. These steps are logged in the system.
  • The inquiry can be made for the sent e-bills.
  • E-invoices can be received where the recipient has been sent.
  • You can view incoming and outgoing e-bills from the Inbox and Outbox lists.
  • International measurement unit and foreign exchange definitions can be made. In order to use the E-Invoice application, the following conditions must be met:
  • The sender (seller) and the buyer must have sufficient infrastructure to send and receive e-invoices and also have the authority to issue e-invoices.
  • The e-billing and application response must be organized in strict accordance with the tax laws and the relevant legislation.

For more information about ALFA E-Invoice: www.Efatura.Biz