ALFA e-ARCHIVE SOLUTIONS e-Archive ; The invoice is an application that allows the invoice, which is obliged to be arranged, kept and presented in paper environment according to the Tax Procedures Law, in electronic format in accordance with the requirements in the General Communiqué of Tax Procedures Code numbered 433 and preserving and submitting the second copy in electronic environment.

buy Lyrica india ALFA e-Archive solution is integrated on SAP ABAP system and integrated with SAP SD, MM, FI module. For this reason, installation is very easy in terms of projecting and usage. Accounting users are performing e-Archive operations through similar interfaces to the SAP ERP screens they are accustomed to.


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  • Signature and validation services require a Java server. The administration screen runs on ABAP.
  • The ABAP part can work on the ERP system as well as on a separate system
  • Multiple ERP systems can be managed from a single center
  • Data can be received from non-SAP systems and transmitted to IOP via e-Archive module
  • The creation, signing, and verification of files are executed in parallel and the transaction time is significantly shortened
  • Secure archiving for 10 years
  • Easy and fast integration without sector difference
  • Advantage of instant submission of e-archive invoices
  • Periodic electronic reporting to IOP
  • Save time, workforce, resources and archiving