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SAP ERP Consulting

SAP ERP; is an enterprise business management solution that enables companies to manage all the basic functions of business processes (production, procurement, sales, finance and HR) by integrating them on a single software system.

SAP ERP solutions effectively support the operational business cycles and meet the organization’s specific needs and requirements.

Contribution of SAP ERP to institutions; Manual workload reduces workload-intensive operations and saves time and reduces labor costs to work with minimum error. It is progressing by covering all these subtle nuances which can quickly adapt to the premise of competition that creates value and difference in the market.

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ERP is an abbreviation for “Enterprise Resource Planning”. Türkçeye is generally translated as Enterprise Resource Planning. Enterprise resource planning is a generic name given to information systems designed to integrate and efficiently use all the resources of an enterprise.

Enterprise Resource Planning software is a system that assists an enterprise in bringing together processes and data that are executed in all processes from sales to accounting, from production to human resources, from stock management to purchasing. Enterprise resource planning systems basically use an integrated database where different data can be stored.

Enterprise Resource Planning provides an integrated and integrated approach. Data enters the ERP system at the beginning of the foreseeable period, and it is transformed into information by being processed in different departments.

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ALFA SAP ERP, aims to determine the performance targets of the organization and to fulfill the functions of required improvements and automation in the required direction, to gain measurable targets for business processes, to reduce costs while increasing productivity, to implement rules applicable to workflows, simplify all processes, Time-saving benefits.

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  • MM: Material Management
  • SD: Sales and Distribution
  • PP: Production Planning
  • FI: Financial Accounting
  • CO: Cost Accounting
  • PA: Profitability Analysis
  • PS: Project System
  • PM: Plant Maintenance
  • QM: Quality Management
  • WM: Warehouse Management
  • HR: Human Resources
  • DMS: Document Management System
  • IFRS: International Finance Model
  • BPC: Budget Planning & Consolidation
  • TRM: Treasury Management


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  • HANA and S4 HANA
  • ABAP Programming
  • Java / .Net Programming
  • SAP Portal Applications
  • Mobile Application Development
  • System Installation / Upgrade
  • Operating System and Database Migrations
  • Performance Optimization (System, Software)
  • SAP Workflow Design & Development
  • Master Data Transfers (LSMW)
  • System Consolidation


  • SAP PI Setup & Modeling
  • SAP-SAP Integrations
  • SAP-nonSAP Integrations
  • SAP CAD Integrations
  • IDOC