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[iconbox type=”13″ icon_title=”Consultancy Services” iconbox_content=”Consultant staff; ALFA, which has a high motivation, work discipline and technical competence, is composed of professionals who provide application consultancy services in line with SAP’s global standards.” icon_link_text=”More” icon_link_url=”http://www.alfayazilim.com/danismanlikhizmetleri” icon_name=”icon-profile-female”]
[iconbox type=”13″ icon_title=”ALFA Solutions” iconbox_content=”ALFA provides consulting services in SAP Netweaver technology solutions, SAP PLM, SAP Document Management, System Integrations, SAP workflows and ABAP / Java / .Net software development areas.” icon_link_text=”More” icon_link_url=”http://www.alfayazilim.com/alfacozumleri” icon_name=”icon-aperture”]
[iconbox type=”13″ icon_title=”SUPPORT &EDUCATION” iconbox_content=”ALFA consultants train in the areas they are specialists, both in the SAP training course and in the form of a private workshop. Our trainings are conducted in SAP Turkey offices or in the centers requested by our customers.” icon_link_text=”more” icon_link_url=”http://www.alfayazilim.com/destekveegitim” icon_name=”icon-tools”]
[iconbox type=”13″ icon_title=”System Integrason” iconbox_content=”SAP ERP offers the possibility to integrate with external systems with the help of the interface technologies it contains. Our company has performed a great number of system integrations in this field and has a very special expertise.” icon_link_text=”More” icon_link_url=”http://www.alfayazilim.com/sistementegrasyonlari-2″ icon_name=”icon-linegraph”]
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