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With the e-Book solution, the accounting department can manage all the details in SAP online instead of dealing with book printing and notarization operations. SAP customers will have all the advantages of a robust, high-performance product realized by expert teams on a robust architecture by choosing the e-Book solution developed by ALFA.

For information about ALFA e-Book solution; You can contact us via e-mail address: edefter@alfayazilim.com


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How ALFA e-Book Practice Works?

  • The e-Book files are prepared in accordance with the specified standards and form.
  • The created e-Book file is sealed (legal entities) or signed (real persons). (The file created in this way is the file that the taxpayer’s license has to keep as a book after it has been received, but it is necessary to get the e-Bookholder’s certificate so that this file can be accepted as a book.)
  • The certificate file is created by taking certain information of the sealed or signed e-Book file.
  • The Berat file is sealed or signed and packaged.
  • The prepared package is uploaded to e-Book Application at www.edefter.gov.tr.
  • The Berat file is opened to the book owner in a way that can be downloaded by being sealed with the financial seal of the Revenue Administration.
  • The opened e-Booklet and the signed or sealed e-Booklet will be kept together in electronic form.
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e-defter alfa çözümü
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e-defter süreçleri
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  • Providing qualified electronic certificate (e-signature) for real person taxpayers,
  • Legal entity has permission to utilize electronic invoice application for taxpayer and financial seal is provided in this frame,
  • Use of software that has been approved for compatibility,
  • The information and documents at edefter.gov.tr are completed and submitted to the Revenue Administration Headquarters.
  • You can visit the IOP page for the GIB e-Book compatibility list.
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