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ALFA provides consulting services in SAP Netweaver technology solutions, SAP PLM, SAP Document Management, System Integrations, SAP workflows and ABAP / Java / .Net software development areas.

[distance type=”2″][iconbox type=”7″ icon_title=”e- Book” iconbox_content=”Our SAP costumers can certify their confirmation and shipping processes using the Alfa e-Book, that have been approved by GİB, so that they can create journal and ledger transactions within SAP by signing electronically.” icon_link_text=”MORE” icon_link_url=”http://www.alfayazilim.com/alfa-e-defter” icon_name=”sl-docs”][iconbox type=”7″ icon_title=”E- INVOICE” iconbox_content=”ALFA provides e-Invoice solution, electronic bill delivery and GIB integration of SAP ERP systems.Thus, with e-bill solution ALFA allows you to reach The Ministy of Finance`s standart e-billing system in a short time. ” icon_link_text=”MORE” icon_link_url=”http://www.alfayazilim.com/alfa-e-fatura” icon_name=”li_news”][iconbox type=”7″ icon_title=”SAP PLM” iconbox_content=”SAP PLM includes ideas, concepts and applications to manage all phases of the product life cycle efficiently which companies that has completed the process of SAP ERP. ALFA
offers expert consulting services along with their overseas partners to PLM projects started to be implemented in Turkey in recent years.
” icon_link_text=”MORE” icon_link_url=”http://www.alfayazilim.com/sap-cozumleri” icon_name=”fa-forumbee”]
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[distance type=”2″][iconbox type=”7″ icon_title=”SAP DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT” iconbox_content=”We provide cost effective and efficient solutions to our customers as ALFA in order to provide relevant documents to companies which uses SAP along with ERP processes.” icon_link_text=”MORE” icon_link_url=”http://www.alfayazilim.com/dokuman-yonetimi-ve-arsivleme” icon_name=”sl-folder-alt”][iconbox type=”7″ icon_title=”SAP APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT” iconbox_content=”As ALFA, we offer development solutions both in the form of turn-key and consultancy in SAP projects. We do ABAP, Java, .Net and BSP programming and additional software required by all SAP products with the highest level of design and development.” icon_link_text=”MORE” icon_link_url=”http://www.alfayazilim.com/yazilim-gelistirme” icon_name=”icon-download”][iconbox type=”7″ icon_title=”SAP MOBILE SOLUTIONS ” iconbox_content=”We create added value in your SAP use with our mobile solutions that facilitate life at the operational and managerial level and provide immediate access to data and people.
” icon_link_text=”MORE” icon_link_url=”http://www.alfayazilim.com/mobile-cozumler” icon_name=”sl-screen-smartphone”]